Summer Challenges

Check back here each week to see the weekly challenge. Use the calendar to track your progress. At the end of each month bring you calendar in, signed by a parent, to claim your reward.

June 7-11 Enjoy Summer! Each day do an outdoor activity and record what you did on your calendar. Some examples might be to ride a bike, swim, do sidewalk chalk, play a sport, hike, go for a walk, etc.

June 14-18 Word Hunt Week! Each day discover 5 new words you are not familiar with, write them on your calendar. Look in a dictionary, books, ask family members you do not usually see often for ideas.

June 21-25 Making Music! Each day use materials around the house to make a musical instrument. Post or draw a picture on your calendar of the instrument you made each day.

June 28-July 2 Proud to be an American! Each day research something to do with American history. Ideas: Flag, colonial settlements, Industrial Revolution, explorers, etc. Write which topic you researched and a sentence of something you learned on your calendar each day.

July 5-9 Get Creative! Each day try and create something with items you have on hand. Use noodles from the pantry, items in the junk drawer, and/or cardboard from the garage to create items. Draw or put a picture on your calendar of the items you create.

July 12-16 Say it with science! Each day, with a parent’s permission, visit and pick a challenge to complete. Post something you learned from the challenge you did that day.

July 19-23 Utah Rocks! Each day, with a parent’s permission, visit Natural History Museum of Utah and visit the Collections & Research tab to choose a topic to explore and learn about. Record on your calendar what you learned that day.

July 26-30 Math Mania! Find math in nature. Each day define one of the math concepts below and describe how you found them in nature on your calendar. Concepts to find are symmetry, spheres, geometry, Fibonacci Spirals, and patterns. Can you find more than one example?

August 2-6 All About Art! Have fun with art each day. Some ideas are to draw a picture, paint something, do sidewalk or water art, or make a mobile. Describe or put a picture of what you did on your calendar.

August 9-13 Write about it! Each day take time to write. Journal what you did that day, write about a favorite activity you have done, write a poem, or a song. Write what you did each day in your calendar. You could even turn in your writing with your calendar on August 23rd.

August 16-20 Free Choice! Look at all the weeks challenges. Pick one of your favorites and do more of that challenge or mix up some from all the weeks. Record on your calendar what you did each day.

Turn in your August calendar at the school on or after Monday, August 23rd for reward.

Click here for August challenge calendar.